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Two Tips For Giving Away Souvenir Mugs As Your Wedding Guest Gift

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Though not required, many couples choose to give their guests a small gift as a thank you for attending their wedding. While food, soaps, and candles are the most common gifts given, you can offer your guests something more long-lasting by giving them drink mugs. Here are a few tips for ensuring your guests love this gift idea.

Personalize When Possible 

It's a given you'll want to put your name and wedding date on the mug to commemorate the event. To make the gift extra cool, though, personalize it to the receiver when you can. For example, you can give mugs that say "Aunt of the Bride/Groom" and "Uncle of the Bride/Groom" to your parents' sibling to make them truly feel special.

Choose a Neutral Design

While you want the mug design to reflect your and your spouse's aesthetic and personality, it is important to think long-term when selecting one. Your guests will likely be using the mug day in and day out for years, so be sure to choose something they wouldn't mind having in their home or showing to other people.

This means avoiding content such as raunchy images or text, political statements, and even religious symbols and sayings if some of your guests don't ascribe to the same religion as you. You want the drinkware to be something your guests enjoy using and to remember your day with joy, not be a source of embarrassment for them.

Pack With Goodies

Drink mugs are great because they have an empty space that begs to be filled with delicious goodness. Packing the mug with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other treats gives guests a reason to use the mug as soon as they get home from the wedding.

To ensure each guest gets something they want, it is a good idea to offer a variety of combinations. For instance, some mugs can have coffee and caramels, while others can be filled with tea and cookies. That way, they can pick something they would enjoy. If you are personalizing the mugs to individual guests, you can add a questionnaire to the RSVP that asks for their preferences, which will help you create mug combos that suit the receiver.

Giving drink mugs as gifts is a great way to provide a long-lasting souvenir your guests will enjoy for many years to come. Work with a local retailer to select the drink mugs that best suit your needs and tastes.

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27 October 2022