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Is It Real Shungite? 3 Things To Look For

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Shungite is an ancient stone thought to have healing properties. One of the easiest ways to benefit from these healing capabilities is to wear jewelry made from shungite. Not only will a piece of shungite jewelry help heal, but it can also serve as a real statement piece within your wardrobe.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it's real and you want to make sure you purchase the right thing. Here are three ways that you can tell if a shungite stone is authentic as you shop for jewelry pieces in the future.

1. The Stone Has a Rich, Black Color

Shungite stones are primarily black. This is because the main element found within all shungite is carbon.

Shungite stones can be separated into three distinct categories. Elite shungite has the highest carbon content. These stones will have the characteristic black color with a silvery metallic shine.

Petrovsky shungite lacks a metallic finish but has a glossy black appearance. Regular shungite is pitch black but can take on a grayish hue when polished.

Understanding the differences between the black color variations and finishes among shungite stones will help you find the best possible piece of jewelry.

2. The Stone Stains the Skin

Another simple way to determine if a stone is actual shungite is to rub it gently across your forearm.

Because the main element in shungite is carbon, you should notice a slight black stain on your skin. Small traces of the carbon can flake off and be left behind on your skin's surface when handling authentic shungite.

Don't be fooled by deceitful vendors who try to tell you that there is no staining due to the specialized treatment of the stone. The stain test is a quick and easy way to weed out the real shungite from the imposters.

3. The Stone Conducts Electricity

As weird as it may sound, pack an electrical wire and a small light bulb when shopping for shungite.

Authentic shungite stones have a high level of electrical conductivity. You should be able to illuminate the light bulb by touching one end of the wire to the shungite stone and the other end to the base of the light bulb.

Even the smallest stone will conduct an electrical current. Larger stones can have enough juice to power a bedside lamp! Checking for electrical conductivity can be a great way to determine if a stone is really shungite. 


20 July 2022