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Have These Promotional Products Ready When You Attend A Music Festival

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Outdoor music festivals give music enthusiasts a chance to see several different acts across a large space. At many festivals, this large outdoor space includes various booths handing out promotional products and speaking to attendees. If you run a company and are interested in signing up for a booth at an upcoming music festival, you'll want to find a promotional products provider and evaluate its inventory. While you could theoretically hand out any type of promotional products at this event, choosing things that will be handy for festival attendees to use right away is ideal. Here are some ideas.


Music festival attendees often wear sunglasses, especially earlier in the day and before the sun goes down. While a lot of people will have sunglasses with them, there will certainly be people who forgot to bring a pair. Having promotional branded sunglasses at your booth will be exciting for those who don't have this accessory and are struggling to see the performers because of the bright sun. Promotional sunglasses are often available in bright colors and can give you the opportunity to print information about your company on each of the arms.

Mini Fans

If the festival you're planning to attend will take place in the summer, which is often the case with these sorts of events, you can expect that a lot of the attendees will be feeling fairly hot. A good way to help them cool down is to hand out mini fans that feature your company's information. Lots of promotional product companies have one or more types of mini fans for you to consider, but these devices are generally small enough to hold with one hand and are battery-powered. Attendees can position the fans in front of their faces and enjoy the breeze as they listen to the music.

Water Bottles

While a lot of music festivals sell bottled water to attendees, others have water fountains set up that allow people to get water for free. If this is the case at the festival you'll be attending, branded water bottles can be a worthwhile promotional product to hand out. Hydration is important at an outdoor event, so attendees will be excited to get their hands on your water bottles and will likely use them throughout the event. In doing so, they'll constantly see your company's information printed on the bottle and may visit your website to learn more about you in the near future.

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11 November 2021