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Tips And Recommendations To Protect Your Health From The Damage Of EMF Radiation

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As technology advances with 5G and WiFi, the world around you becomes more convenience-based, with access to information more readily available — from your smartphone to your smart home setup and cell phone towers that give you access to high-speed data for your electronic devices on virtually a constant basis.

However, all the electromagnetic signals traveling through the air around you come with a risk of EMF and various health risks which range from problems such as headaches and sleep disturbances to more serious conditions, such as depression, changes in memory, nausea, and cancer. Here are some methods you can apply to your home and your lifestyle to protect yourself from the effects of EMF exposure.

Use EMF Protection Products

Because it is difficult to get away from EMF exposure and it can be even more difficult to live without the technology that comes along with the EMF, there are, however, practices you can use to keep yourself safe from the harmful effects. Many products have been produced that are available to block you from the damaging effects that come from EMF exposure. 

You can purchase an EMF-shielding blanket that you can sleep with at night or use under your laptop to reduce your exposure. You can also look for a cell phone, tablet or laptop cover that shields you from the electronics to keep you protected whenever you are using them. EMF protection is also available in a sleeping bag to provide all-around protection while you sleep.

EMF radiation protective clothing is also another great option, or you can find fabric to make into protective clothing. EMF protection hats, gloves, or jackets are also a great way to protect your health, or you can find a smart radiation cover to install at your home. 

Practice At-Home Strategies

In addition to adding some EMF protection devices to your home and lifestyle, you can implement some changes in your home to improve your protection and reduce the amount of EMFs within your home. First, disable the bluetooth or wireless feature on your cell phone whenever you are not using it, especially at night. Also, you can switch off your WiFi router at night and turn it back on in the morning. 

Move your WiFi router to a spot that is furthest away from the kitchen or living space where you spend most of your time. Then, if you use a space heater in the winter, be sure it is a ceramic heater that will not emit EMF radiation.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers EMF protection.


22 December 2020