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Are You Ready To Spice Things Up With Your Quarantine Partner? 3 Ways To Surprise Them With A Full Leather Harness

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The recent coronavirus outbreak has everyone sheltering in place and trying to do their best to avoid going out in public. While you might not have pictured yourself being quarantined with your partner, you can turn this situation into an opportunity for bonding. With so many hours together, you get to cuddle, talk and explore your physical relationship all you want. Yet, you might also be worried about running into that problem where you start to get bored after spending too much time together. If this is your concern, then have no worries. You can keep things spicy hot by using these ideas to surprise your partner with a full leather harness.

Show Them Your Wild Side

Wearing a leather harness sends instant signals that you are in the mood. If your partner is a visual person, then walking into the room wearing a harness is bound to get their attention. This is especially true if you tend to be on the milder side of things. Bringing out your wild side shows your partner that you are fully interested in getting their mind on only one thing. Try putting one on and casually walking in front of them while they're staring at the TV, or wear one right before bed to ignite that special spark.

Recreate a Club Date

Going on dates might seem impossible when you have to stay home, but you don't have to give up having fun just because you don't want to catch any germs. Try recreating a club scene by putting colored lights up in the room. Then, pick out some of your favorite dance music to blast on the stereo. Finally, top it all off by getting dressed like you were really going out. Whether just one of you wears a harness or both is completely up to you, but you'll both enjoy the sweet release that comes from proving that you can still have a fun night out while you stay in.

Turn the Tables

Is your partner normally not the type to wear something so sensual? If so, then consider gifting them a men's full leather harness. While they might laugh or act a little shy, you can encourage them to give it a try. After all, it's just you two sitting at home, so it's the perfect time to do a little experimenting. If your partner is the type to wear a harness, then you'll have an even easier time of getting them to get a little frisky during your next romantic evening quarantining together.

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27 March 2020