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Giving A Gourmet Gift Basket? Tips For Making Your Gift Even More Special

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Whether you need a fantastic gift for your boss or your best friend, handcrafted gourmet gift baskets make gift giving easy and fun. There's a gift basket right for anyone on your gift-giving list, and you can select a gift basket to fit your budget and the personality of the recipient. Following a few tips will make your gift-giving even more meaningful and special.

Don't be late

Do away with the attitude that being late is better than forgetting a special occasion altogether. Being on time does matter, and it shows you care enough to remember your recipient's special occasion. Plan ahead by keeping birthdays, holidays, or other special occasions in your planner so you don't have to be the one who has to apologize for being late.

If you are ordering a gourmet gift basket online, be aware of shipping times and delays. Place your order well in advance to make sure it arrives on a specific date or before the special occasion. When it comes to giving gifts to someone you care about, it's always better to be early versus late.

Add a personal touch

Whether you are presenting your gift in person or by mail, adding a special note is a nice touch to make the gift a little more personal. When ordering online, there's usually an option for adding a personalized note to your gift. If you are giving the gift in person, add a handwritten note to tell the recipient how much you care.

Think beyond the typical note by doing something creative. For instance, a handwritten poem will make your gift stand out. Another good option is a favorite quote written in a card to match the occasion.

Be mindful of allergies

Take food allergies seriously. Do a little detective work beforehand to make sure your recipient doesn't have any specific allergies or food sensitivities that would affect the type of gift basket you give. Food allergies can range from minor to serious, so be cautious about all the ingredients in a gift basket before you gift it.

What's not to love about a great handcrafted gourmet gift basket? It's like getting multiple gifts in one for the recipient, and the convenience makes your gift shopping simple and stress-free. Your friend or loved one will enjoy their gift for days to come, and you will feel proud knowing you gave a gift that's special and meaningful.

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6 February 2020