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When it comes to shoe shopping, I have always been one of those people that goes crazy in the stores. I absolutely love finding a great shoe that will work for my style, and when the price is right, I just have to invest. About three months ago or so, I realized that there were some issues with my current shoe selection, and it really paid off. I started looking for higher quality shoes, and before I knew it, I had a few pairs of great shoes that I really loved having. This blog is all about choosing higher quality shoes and being able to wear them for as long as possible.

The Best Times To Hit The Malls This Holiday Season

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Shopping malls and holiday shopping were made for each other. However, the malls can be very crowded and overwhelming most of the time. What you need are some good shopping tips to avoid the larger, noisier crowds and still enjoy your shopping trips. Here are some of the best times to visit shopping malls this holiday season. 

During the Day and During the Week

Thousands of people will crowd a mall on a weekend, but malls are practically dead during the week and during the early morning and mid-afternoon hours. If you have a day off, go check this out for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised to find just how uncrowded the mall can be during these days and times. As it gets closer and closer to Christmas, things tend to pick up, but it is still slower and quieter when everyone is at work and/or school. 

Past Eight in the Evening

As the mall approaches closing time, everyone clears out. Additionally, most people choose to shop right after work, which means that the mall is crowded between five and seven in the evening. After that, everything starts quieting down. Even when malls extend their hours to ten or eleven at night, far fewer people are out shopping then because they are at home putting kids to bed and getting ready to settle in for the night. If you do not have children, or you can sneak out and let your spouse put the kids down, any time after 8 in the evening is a good time to shop the stores in the mall. 

Around Meal Times

Walk into a food court in a mall near noon or five o'clock, and there is not a table in sight. Everyone is chowing down. Since everyone is eating or thinking about food, the rest of the mall is less crowded and quieter. While this may not be an ideal time for you either, considering that you (and possibly your family) have to eat near these times too, it is still something to consider if you are just trying to duck into a couple of quick stores and get out of the mall fast. 

A Word on Parking

Finding a good time to shop at the mall also means finding a better time for parking. Malls never seem to have enough parking, and while you can revel in the fact that you will add to your daily steps tracker, having to park the farthest from the door for two items is rarely fun. Consider parking near an anchor store that is infrequently shopped because these stores frequently will have more parking availability. You may have to walk through these stores to enter the mall, but at least you are closer to an entrance.


20 November 2019