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Ways To Make More Money When You Sell Diecast Cars To A Pawn Shop

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If you collected diecast racecars when you were younger but find that they're mostly just collecting dust in your home, you may jump at the opportunity to turn them into cash. Doing so will not only give you some spending money but will also reduce the amount of clutter in your home. Instead of going to the effort of selling your diecast cars online or holding them until you eventually have a garage sale, think about taking them to a local pawn shop instead. Many pawn shops are excited to buy collectibles such as diecast cars and will give you fair market value for what you want to sell. Here are some ways to get more money when you sell these cars.

Include Their Boxes

If you still have them in your possession, you definitely want to sell your diecast racecars with their original boxes and packing. Your local pawn shop will almost certainly offer you more money when you have these materials. Ideally, the box and packaging will be in good condition, but even if it's only in fair condition, it can help you to make more money with this sale. Typically, diecast cars have an outer cardboard sleeve, a box, a Styrofoam frame that sits around the car, and a soft bag in which the car sits. If possible, include each of these elements when you sell.

Choose Limited Edition Cars

Some diecast racecars are widely produced, but others are produced in more limited amounts. If a car is part of a limited edition, this information will typically be included on the box. In many cases, a sticker on the box will give the car's number and how many cars were made. For example, the sticker might read, "542/1,000." This indicates that only 1,000 models of this car were made and that the one you own is number 542 in this series. Limited edition diecast racecars are more desirable because they're in low supply, and this can get you more money.

Include Proper COAs If You Sell Autographed Cars

A lot of collectors get professional drivers to sign their diecast racecars, often on the hood or the windshield. A signed car, especially by a championship driver, can command more money when you sell it to the pawn shop — but only if you're able to prove that the autograph is indeed authentic. If you have a proper certificate of authenticity — perhaps from the race shop at which you bought the car — including this slip of paper will help you to get more money for the car.

You can take your diecast racecars into any pawn shop in your area or look for one online like


27 September 2019