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Things To Consider When Creating Subscription Women's Crates

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Subscription crates have become widely popular in recent years. Many entrepreneurs and businesses are trying to make a name for themselves by offering new and innovative crates for consumers. If you have been considering the same, one market you might want to think about breaking into is subscription menstrual therapy crates for women. Here are some ideas to help you get started. 

Provide Menstrual Discomfort Medications

One of the things that many women rely on during that time of the month is menstrual medications sold over-the-counter. Things that treat cramping, bloating, and similar issues can be a great addition to a menstrual subscription box. Including them in a monthly crate helps ensure that subscribers never run out and face a last-minute run to the store when they are already feeling under the weather.

Consider Pampering Products

A hot bath with scented bath oils or a moisturizing lotion that helps soothe the skin will also make great options. On months when you include a bath oil, you can also include candles or something similar to help set the mood for relaxation and calming. 

Other pampering products to consider include warm socks for the cooler seasons, new hair ties to help keep longer hair up and out of the face, and even soft robes or comfortable pajamas with elastic waists and loose-fitting designs.

Offer Entertainment Options

For many women, that time of the month is a time when they want to be able to just relax, watch television, read, or do something else to entertain themselves without a lot of physical activity. You can cater to this by offering coupons for digital movie streaming and including things like DVDs, books, and magazines in your subscription crate.

Think about the types of things that would be calming and relaxing to do while curled up on the couch, and tailor your offerings to those types of things. You can even provide a variety of entertainment options, such as a movie streaming code, a book, and a magazine each month. That way, subscribers can choose which ones they want or possibly expand their interests by checking out all of them.

The more you understand about your target consumer, the easier it is to create subscription crates that tailor to their needs. Consider these tips and possibly create a consumer panel to get feedback from other women about what they would like to see in their monthly menstrual subscription crates.


27 July 2019