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How To Decorate Your Kitchen With A French Country Theme

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A French country theme will give your kitchen an elegant-yet-casual look, complete with bright, nature-inspired colors and rural life motifs. Starting with the wallpaper design or paint color, and working your way through to the decor and linens, you can easily transform your eating and cooking space from basic to beautiful. 

A French country decorated kitchen will be filled with earth tones ranging from warm yellow to sky blue, and feature prints and designs depicting farm life, such as chickens and roosters, flowers and greenery. Other rustic-chic fabric patterns include gingham and toile.

You can set the stage for your French country kitchen by installing farmhouse-inspired wood cabinetry, hardwood or brick flooring, and wrought iron or brass chandeliers. If you prefer a lighter, brighter look, go with fresh white cabinets instead. 

Install wood shelves to showcase vintage tin or ceramic kitchen items, glass jars of wildflowers or French cuisine cookbooks. You can also hang shabby chic dish towels on an antique wood bakers rack, which will also come in handy for cooling baked goods, showcasing herbs, flowers, and plants, or setting up a coffee or tea station.

Complete with the French country kitchen theme with coordinating linens, whether you have a round, square or rectangular table. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Brightly-Colored Acrylic-Coated Tablecloths

If you have kids, you may want to purchase a handy acrylic-coated tablecloth that you can easily wipe down during, between and after meals. Dip a soft cloth in a warm, soapy solution or use an all-purpose spray cleaner to remove everything from sticky fingerprints to food spills.

You don't have to sacrifice style for convenience, however, since the tablecloths come in a wide array of French country colors, such as a rust orange, sunny yellow or earthy green. Look for patterns such as olive branches or gold flowers to add visual interest to the kitchen.

2. Elegant Cloth Tablecloths

Ideal for both everyday use and entertaining, an elegant cloth tablecloth will brighten up your kitchen even between meals. As one idea, choose yellow cotton French tablecloths featuring Provence-inspired floral prints in varying shades of blue. 

For  a softer, more subdued look, pick a white cotton cloth with delicate purple lavender designs. Blue cornflower motifs will also stand out beautifully against a white background. 

Toile patterns come in a range of colors, from soft pink to bright red, and showcase scenes from French country farm life, such as people working a field. Fleur-de-lis designs in any hue will also look appealing on a white tablecloth. 


21 December 2018