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Purchase a Hairpiece to Conceal the Bald Spot on Top of Your Head

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You thought the day would never come when you would be embarrassed due to your thinning hair. Perhaps, you are someone who tends to wear a hat to conceal a bald spot on the top of your head. This can work in some situations, but will not be practical in a formal setting. Purchase a men's hairpiece to reclaim your youthful appearance and eliminate your shame.

Be Fitted for a Hairpiece

Being fitted for a hairpiece will ensure that your natural hairline blends in with the strands that are attached to the piece. This will provide the top of your head with a seamless surface. Some hairpieces have netting or lightweight fabric attached to them that are designed to cradle the head. Other types of hairpieces require an adhesive. Hairpiece adhesive is safe for use on skin. It typically comes in a bottle that is similar to an antiperspirant container. The adhesive is released from the bottle by rolling the plastic ball across dry, clean skin.

When browsing hairpieces, the section of your head where hair loss is apparent will be measured. The shape of your head will also be taken into consideration so that a hairpiece that is the proper size and shape can be selected.

Match Your Natural Color and Choose a Lightly Covered Piece

If you are unsure of how your friends and co-workers are going to react to your sudden change in appearance, purchase a hairpiece that provides subtle results. Choose a hair color that matches your own, even if it means purchasing a hairpiece that contains hair strands that are speckled grey or white.

A hairpiece that contains thin strands of hair that are evenly dispersed will not draw attention to the new addition. Instead, people may be curious about what you did to change your appearance, but won't be certain that there is a difference pertaining to your hair.

Care for Your Purchase and Buy a Different Piece in the Future

Seek help from a salesperson pertaining to how to secure the hairpiece to your head, how often to wash it, and where to store it. Storage containers or bags that are vented will keep hair strands dry and tangle-free when the piece isn't being worn.

Once you have worn the hairpiece for several weeks and feel confident while wearing the hair accessory, gradually change your appearance further by purchasing a piece that contains a thicker section of hair or go for an overall different look by dying your natural hair and purchasing a hairpiece to match. 


18 October 2018