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3 Tips For Building A Kitchen In Your Daycare

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In your daycare, you might prepare and provide a lot of snacks and meals for the children that you take care of each day. If you don't already have a kitchen, you might have decided to build one. This makes it much easier for you to prepare and store healthy meals and snacks for kids. With these tips, you can build a useful, functional and safe kitchen in your daycare while sticking to your daycare's budget.

1. Buy the Right Equipment

You have to make sure that your daycare's kitchen will pass any state or local inspections, so buy commercial-grade equipment. This will help you buy equipment that will stand up to the heavy-duty use of making tons of food for kids each day. Smaller equipment is available, so if your daycare is smaller, you can still buy commercial equipment that's appropriately sized for your smaller kitchen. If your daycare is on a budget, buy used commercial equipment that's been checked out and that works well. This leaves more money for fun stuff for the daycare, like toys and books for the kids.

2. Focus on Keeping Kids Safe

All commercial kitchens should be built with safety in mind, but this is especially critical in a daycare setting where children will be present. Make sure the electrical wiring and gas lines, if applicable, are done professionally to prevent dangerous errors. Choose equipment that doesn't get too hot to the touch and look for secure places to store knives and other sharp objects that you don't want the kids to be able to get their hands on.

3. Ensure It's Easy to Clean

Don't forget that you will have to clean the kitchen that you build. If you're going to be preparing a lot of food, and if kids are going to be present in and around the kitchen, messes are inevitable. Choosing durable stainless steel appliances and countertops makes it easy to wipe away food spills and makes sanitation easy. When painting the kitchen in your daycare, keep cleaning in mind, too.

There's nothing wrong with choosing a bright color that keeps up with your daycare's aesthetic, but you won't want to go with a cheap paint. Instead, you'll need to find something that won't be easily damaged by splatters and fingerprints and that you can wipe down without damaging the paint or taking too much time away from the kids you're in charge of.

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26 August 2018