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Four Reasons A Faux Leather Jacket Is Better Than The Real Thing

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Leather jackets have long been thought of as "cool" and fashionable attire. Whether you wear it around town or into the office, a leather jacket is sure to turn heads. But what if there were something even better than a leather jacket -- with the same great looks, but also a number of other benefits? That's exactly where the faux leather jacket comes in. Here are four ways in which a faux leather jacket, also known as a "leather look" jacket, is better than the real things:

It's More Humane

If you are a vegan or even someone who just seeks to use fewer animal products, then you'll be glad to learn that faux leather jackets are more humane than the real thing. Leather is made from the hides of animals, and those animals are not always kept and slaughtered in the most humane ways. If you choose a faux leather jacket, you'll be taking a stand against this industry and helping to reduce the number of animals killed for fashion purposes.

It's Less Prone to Moisture Damage

If real leather gets too moist, it tends to mold. Jackets get moist from time to time, such as if you walk outside when it rains. So, it's common for real leather jackets to get moldy, especially if you store them in a closed closet after they get wet. Faux leather is made to be moisture and mold-resistant, so you can get the jacket damp without worrying. Some jackets may even be able to be washed in a washing machine, whereas leather jackets need to be carefully cleaned by hand.

It Comes In More Colors

Leather can be dyed all sorts of colors, but manufacturers usually steer clear of colors that are too bright and flashy since the dye tends to bleed. Faux leather, however, often comes in more colors. If you want a bright blue or pink jacket, for instance, you'll have better luck finding a faux leather one than a real leather one.

It Won't Crack

If leather becomes too dry, it tends to crack. You have to condition it regularly to prevent this from happening, especially if you live in a dry climate. Faux leather does not require conditioning, and it is made to resist cracking. 

Focus your search on faux leather jackets. You'll find plenty of styles, and they offer a lot of advantages over their real leather counterparts. Find a store that carries a women's lightweight leather look jacket for more information and assistance.


15 November 2017