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Three Ways To Make Your Donation Boxes More Effective

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Placing donation boxes at your retail store's cash registers can provide a convenient way to raise money for charity, but there a few things you'll want to do to help encourage more people to donate. Here are a few ideas you can use to help raise more money for worthy causes:

Invest In A Game Donation Box

There are many different types of donation boxes, from clear acrylic containers to intricate coin drop games. The game designs encourage people to donate even when they aren't thinking about it. Playing the game is something fun customers can do as they are being rung up, and each coin they drop into the game goes to charity. Encourage more customers to play by offering something small for free to winners, such as a free tote bag or coffee mug.

Use Pictures And Brochures

People want to know who they are donating to, so ask any charity raising money in your store for images you can use with your donation boxes. The images should have the name of the charity along with a brief message regarding what the organization does. Ideally, you would want to have brochures about the charity near the donation box as well, but this may depend on how much counter space you have at your registers. If you don't have room for a brochure holder, ask the charity if it can provide you with a QR code potential donors can scan to learn more about where their money is going.

Encourage Cashiers To Ask

Not everyone will notice a donation box right away, but they may respond favorably when asked about making a donation to charity. Encourage your cashiers to ask each customer if they are willing to donate. This should be done just before the customer pays for a purchase, as it will allow the cashier to make change for anyone willing to donate but who don't have any smaller bills. Consider having your cashiers ask for a specific dollar amount, such as $1 or $5. Customers may say no to that amount, but they may be willing to donate more or less in the donation box.

Be sure to have donation boxes situated at every register, and consider placing them by any vending machines you have as well. Any area in the store where customers have money out of their wallets provides a convenient location for a donation box products.


15 August 2017