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When it comes to shoe shopping, I have always been one of those people that goes crazy in the stores. I absolutely love finding a great shoe that will work for my style, and when the price is right, I just have to invest. About three months ago or so, I realized that there were some issues with my current shoe selection, and it really paid off. I started looking for higher quality shoes, and before I knew it, I had a few pairs of great shoes that I really loved having. This blog is all about choosing higher quality shoes and being able to wear them for as long as possible.

Curing Purse Addiction: How To Pick The Perfect One For You, Every Time

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If you have a closet full of purses you never use, you probably have an out-of-control compulsion to buy the prettiest, brightest, frilliest and fanciest purses and bags, rather than the ones that are most suitable to you, personally. Here's the stylish scoop on how to pick a perfect purse or bag and one that will never gather dust in your closet.

The Hobo Purse

You'd think something named after the manner in which a hobo carries their belongings (tied up in a blanket and secured to a stick) wouldn't be something you'd want to be seen with, but a hobo purse is something every bag lover should have in their accessory arsenal. It's most convenient feature is its seemingly endless interior, where you can store everything from makeup to water bottles to books. A thick, adjustable shoulder strap makes for comfortable carrying, but the hobo purse is usually most appropriate for a casual outfit, so take it with you to the mall, beach or school.

An All-Purpose Tote

Totes are one of the most popular style handbags, with as much room as a briefcase, but an array of styles, features and colors. You could have a tote for your 9-5 in an elegant black or a hot, neon-pink for parties and shopping. Totes come with short handles or ones long enough to sling over your shoulder, which come in handy when your hands are otherwise occupied or full.

The Classic Clutch

Generally, a classic clutch is designed to go with your more formal outfits and occasions, keeping your silhouette smooth and simple. Your favorite little black dress or sequined number is perfect for a color-coordinated clutch, but be prepared to down-size on what you're able to pack in it, as clutches aren't usually too roomy. A tube of your favorite lipstick, keys and some cash might be all the clutch can carry.

A Soft Satchel

The sleek and sophisticated cut of a satchel complements a tailored suit or business outfit, but ultimately can be paired with most any professional or semi-casual event. Color is very important with satchels, as you don't want anything too loud or bright, given the

The Urban Cross-Body Purse

No matter what style you're in or destination you're headed too, if you're traversing city streets, especially on your own, equip yourself with a purse that straps around your shoulders in a secure, cross-body configuration. This type of bag can come in any number of looks, moods and price-tags, but be careful that you'll not wrinkle a frilly dress or starched collar with the strap strewn over you.

Matching Your Favorite Purse To Everything Else You're Wearing

The primary feature your purse, shoes and outfit should have, working cooperatively, is balance. Balance really creates a complete and polished look, as opposed to fitting pieces together in a forced way, even if you like each of them separately:

  • For solid-color outfits, spruce up the ensemble with a patterned or textured purse.
  • For patterned outfits, keep the purse quiet with muted colors and zero bling, otherwise you risk creating a very busy or blinding look.
  • If your outfit is a mix of color and/or pattern and texture, complement the ensemble with a muted shade of the main color of the outfit.

Matching Your Favorite Purse To Your Shape

As amazing as the purses you fall in love with may be, they're not all made for a single body-type or shape. The wrong purse can cause you to look shorter, wider or even fuller, so choose the style and strap accordingly:

  • If you're height-challenged, opt for a shorter strap and smaller-bodied purse, so you don't make yourself appear even less tall, compared to a long strap.
  • If you're too tall (but many people would argue there's no such thing), a medium-length strap with a large-sized purse will reduce your perceived height nicely.
  • If you have a really curvy shape, a longer strap with a small purse will gently highlight your figure, without drawing too much attention to any one particular area.
  • For thin figures, keep the purse a modest size and choose any length straps except short, to avoid an awkward bulge in your otherwise petite silhouette.

Matching Your Purse Collection To Your Budget

If you're in the position to drop $300,000 on a fancy Hermes purse, the sky's the limit when it comes to your purse collection; however, if you're like most people, you need to reign-in your purse collecting compulsion. Limit buying to when you can really put thought into the decision, such as while you're behind a computer screen, browsing beautiful purses online or while shopping, but only if you're not in a rush. Picture the purse you might buy with many different outfits you own and also consider how their function will work for you at the office, running errands or for special occasions, depending on the style of bag. One rule you never want to break (unless you can drop a few hundred thousand a pop) when purchasing a new purse is to buy one that you know will only go with one particular outfit or be used for one specific occasion, unless it's something very important, such as a friend's wedding.

A purse should be, for all intent and purposes, an investment you make in your long-term wardrobe, whether you're buying a trendy red leather bag online or strolling through the fashion boutiques at the galleria. As irresistible as it may be to not buy every other one you see, carefully selecting them will add class, style, sophistication and fun to your wardrobe, because they'll all have a purpose - and you know they'll all look great on you, every time.


24 July 2017