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Different Retro Style Mailboxes

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There are many different ways that a home can have a unique character. It all starts with a theme and a design. Individuals will go through a lot of planning to ensure that the home they buy or build is unique. There are a lot of different styles of homes, but one style that is becoming more popular is a mid century style home. These homes are inspired by the culture that was prevalent during one of the most interesting eras. One way to build a mid century feel with your home is to use a retro style mailbox. A modern mailbox can be one of the first aspects of a home that is noticed, and if it is retro, it can set the tone for the entire home. 

Mid-Century Modern

There are a few features that really set a mid-century modern style mailbox. One of the most prominent features is the angle of the mailbox post. These type of mailboxes will have an angled post leading into the ground. This give the mailbox an aggressive look, that catches the eye. Very common in these stye of mailboxes are pastel colors that are also eye catching. The body of the mailbox is usually circular and long, and can be built using many different metals. 

Antique Brass

One of the most beautiful types of mailboxes is an antique brass mailbox. These are a style of mailbox that is connected directly to the home, and is usually located right next to the front door. These are fun mailboxes because rather than being apart from the home, they truly can be incorporated into the decoration of the home. Just as the name inspires, the mailbox will be built out of brass, which is a beautiful color and easy to match other aspects of the home with.


A larger style mailbox that is retro and has inspired many contemporary styles is a Victorian style. A Victorian style mailbox is elegant and can add a lot of character to your home. However, one of the best features of a Victorian style mailbox is utilitarian. Victorian style mailboxes are usually much bigger than normal mailboxes and can therefore be used for larger packages. The Victorian mailbox will have a slot for small mail, but also a latch for the bigger packages. 

Do not settle for having an ordinary mailbox, there are too many fun and exciting mailboxes to go ordinary. 


15 June 2017