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Are Silver Coins Really Going To Be Useful If Paper Money Devalues?

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Many reasons exist to buy junk silver, or those silver coins that were meant for circulation in a country's economic system, such as US dimes and quarters minted in 1964 or earlier. They're generally very affordable and still produce a decent return on investment, and they're easy to find -- and sell, if you need fast cash. However, there's another reason that people buy them, and that's as preparation for potential economic troubles, not just personal, but regional or national (or even global). If you've been interested in buying silver as a way to potentially protect yourself against a loss of faith in the current monetary system, you've found a good addition to your survival plan.

Bartering Works Only to an Extent

Eventually, bartering may also become a major way to get past monetary challenges, but bartering only works so well. For people who can't barter or who are not up to switching to that sort of economy, a monetary system that still uses coins will be easiest. By having silver available, you may be able to still buy goods in places where people want cash. And face it, if you live in the city, you're not going to have room to store chickens or whatever people want to use for bartering.

Easy to Carry

Silver coins were meant to be carried around and used. Collectible silver coins are easy to carry in smaller amounts because these coins are often much larger and stuck in collectible cases. Plus, if the value of silver makes the collectible coins worth a lot, you're not going to want to use one at the local store. Silver is easier to customize in terms of getting a certain amount of money together.

Easy to Recognize

Because silver was meant to be used, it's been minted in recognizable forms. People will recognize a dime or a quarter, and if they know about money's history in the country, they'll know to look for a date to identify the coins. If you bring in an fake coin, someone might accuse you of fraud.

The chances of a monetary collapse that requires the use of silver coins may seem very slim, but local trading may end up reverting to silver use at least in that community. Be prepared by having some silver available just in case. For more information, talk to a professional such as American Precious Metals Inc.


27 January 2017